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Understanding mood ring colour chart

2017-11-14 15:17:23 0 By: Trienie / Ria Times Read: 1057

Hi Everyone,

Today we learn about the unique invention of the Mood Ring, brought to you by Jewelry Expo Store. 

The Mood Ring Color Chart is easy to understand!  Read on!

The mood ring was invented 30 years ago. Till today, people are still amazed at the unique invention and its incorporation into jewelry. This ring is basically a finger ring that changes its color according to your emotional state of mind.

How does it work?

This jewelry is designed with a heat sensitive stone in it made of thermos tropic liquid crystals and due to their high sensitivity to heat, they twist changing their positions at the slightest temperature changes in the body of the wearer. And as they change their structure due to heat, they absorb and reflect light at varying wavelengths hence the color changes of the mood ring color chart.

There is some scientific basis for the functioning of the mood ring. However, every individual has a unique physiological makeup that determined temperature changes. And with the wide ranges of meanings for every color in the chart, it is not that accurate pin pointing the actual mood of a person at any given time using the ring.

Mood Ring Color Chart

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The default color of the ring is black when it is not worn. However when it shows black when on your finger then there is some negativity. It means you are overworked, tired, tense, harassed or angst.


This indicates confusion, boredom or frustration on the part of the wearer.


Not often observed on a mood ring but when seen, it means you are anxious, afraid, sad, or exhausted.


This comes in many shades with different meanings on the mood ring color chart. When you are active but relaxed, the ring will turn to a shade of pleasing green. This is considered the normal reading at 28 degrees Celsius. The range of shades generally reflects calm, peaceful, relaxed, energetic and wandering and mixed emotions.


Known as the color of optimism and joy, the ring will mean happiness, at peace. Blue also comes in shades with varying meanings on the mood ring color chart. Can mean deep thinking, feeling flirty, intense moods, calm, love, passionate and romantic feeling.


When this shows on the mood ring, the person is sensual but with a clear mind. The wearer is tranquil, satisfied, balanced inside, passionate, sensual and romantic. Reddish purple indicates anger, moody or desperate. Pink shows calm and relaxed feeling where bright pink shows affection, love and happiness.


Also comes in many shades. Generally associated with emotional state of passion. Shows excitement, energy and adventure. At one end of deep red, it shows arousal, passion and love. Bright red shows anger, feelings of adventure, excitement or terror. Orange is a dare devilish feeling, stress and confusion. Dark orange is worry, aggression or tensed.


The shades of yellow show a range of emotions including imaginative, confused, upset, anxious, feeling poetic and deeply observing.


Then the ring turns brown the mood ring color chart says the wearer is scared, tense or restless. Brownish yellow indicated mixed emotions while taupe color means the person is confused, stressed, angst or aggravated. It generally means the person is feeling jittery and the mind is wandering.

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